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In Chi Marathon, Danny Dreyer, creator of the revolutionary ChiRunning program, highly respected running coach, and accomplished distance runner, takes a whole-body approach to long-distance running—much like T’ai Chi—making ease and efficiency of movement the prime goal of one’s training. Chi Marathon is the first book to focus not on building stamina first (though that is covered here) but on how to run all those miles without harming your body. A staggering 80 to 90 percent of marathoners face injuries during their training. This book debunks the myth that marathoners need to push through and beyond pain, and presents a technique-based plan for pain- and injury-free, high-performance half and full marathons. Chi Marathon also shows how to improve your performance by developing your own race-specific training plan tailored to your event, and will help you cross the finish line feeling strong no matter your age, body type, or running ability.

• Run a marathon or half marathon free of pain and injury

• Transform your racing with the training triad: form, conditioning, and mastery

• Tap into your chi, an energy source more powerful and enduring than muscles

• Teach your mind and body to work together as a team and master your event

This is the book that distance runners have been waiting for. With Chi Marathon you can enjoy the run and feel confident no matter the distance.

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    Excellent article again! In my hublme opinion, (and I don’t have many hublme opinions), Chi Running is particularly useful for those that have persistent running injuries or those wanting to become more efficient. I am convinced that running shoes, pavement, side-walks and treadmills are excellent sources of awfull running techniques. You want to run beautifully? Take off your shoes and do a nice easy run in a soft grass surface. Do it often and you will develop the strong neuromuscular pathways required for a good running stride in any surface with any types of shoes.

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